All the Queen’s Men Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of drama, romance, and male exotic dancers, then you might have watched the first season of All the Queen’s Men, a BET+ original series created by Christian Keyes and starring Eva Marcille as Marilyn “Madam” DeVille, a female entrepreneur and nightclub owner who runs a crew of male strippers. The show premiered in September 2021 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but it was renewed for a second season in November 2021. Here is everything you need to know about All the Queen’s Men season 2, including the release date, cast, plot, and where to watch it online.

Release Date

All the Queen’s Men season 2 is set to premiere on Thursday, July 14, 2022, on BET+. The second season will consist of 20 episodes, which will be released weekly on Thursdays. The first season had only 10 episodes, so fans can expect more drama and action in the second season.


The main cast of All the Queen’s Men season 2 will include:

  • Eva Marcille as Marilyn “Madam” DeVille, the owner of Eden, an upscale male strip club in Atlanta.
  • Skyh Alvester Black as AMP ‘Addition Anthony’, a former drug dealer who becomes Madam’s right-hand man and headliner at Eden.
  • Candace Neolani Maxwell as DJ Dime, Madam’s best friend and resident DJ at Eden.
  • Racquel Palmer as Blue, Madam’s rival and former employee who runs her own strip club called Tandyland.
  • Michael Bolwaire as Doc, a veteran dancer at Eden who has a troubled past and a secret addiction.
  • Keith Swift as Babyface, a young and naive dancer at Eden who gets involved in pimping and gambling.
  • Dion Rome as El Fuego, a fiery dancer at Eden who has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife and son.
  • Jeremy ‘Masterpiece’ Williams as Midnight, a mysterious and charismatic dancer at Eden who has a hidden agenda.
  • Carter The Body as Trouble, a muscular and tattooed dancer at Eden who likes to cause trouble.
  • Oshea Russell as Tommy, Madam’s loyal assistant and accountant.

Some of the recurring and guest stars of All the Queen’s Men season 2 will include:

  • Christian Keyes as The Concierge, a wealthy and influential client of Madam who has ulterior motives.
  • Jasmine Burke as Kat, Blue’s girlfriend and partner in crime.
  • Darrin Dewitt Henson as Rayshon, a corrupt cop who works for Blue and blackmails Madam.
  • Terayle Hill as Amp Jr., AMP’s estranged son who wants to reconnect with his father.
  • Taja V. Simpson as Teresa, Doc’s ex-wife who blames him for their daughter’s death.
  • Erica Page as Ms. Tandy, Blue’s mother and mentor who runs Tandyland with an iron fist.


The plot of All the Queen’s Men season 2 will pick up from where the first season left off. In the season finale, Madam learned that she was double-crossed by someone close to her and that her missing money was stolen by The Concierge. She also discovered that Midnight was working for Rayshon and that he was planning to kill her. Meanwhile, Doc continued to struggle with his addiction and hallucinations, AMP faced a health crisis after being shot by Rayshon, El Fuego received an unexpected visit from his ex-wife and son, Babyface lost his grip on his amateur dancer that he was pimping, Blue confessed her feelings for Kat, and Dime made a shocking discovery in AMP’s apartment.

The second season will follow Madam as she tries to get revenge on those who betrayed her and reclaim her power in the Atlanta nightclub scene. She will also have to deal with new challenges and threats from her enemies and allies. The Eden dancers will also face their own personal and professional issues as they try to survive in the cutthroat world of male stripping.

Where to Watch

All the Queen’s Men season 2 will be available to stream exclusively on BET+, a premium subscription streaming service that offers original content from Black creators. BET+ costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. You can also watch the first season of All the Queen’s Men on BET+ if you want to catch up or refresh your memory before the second season starts.

All the Queen’s Men season 2 is one of the most anticipated shows of 2022 for fans of drama, romance, and male exotic dancers. If you are looking for a show that will keep you entertained and hooked with its twists and turns, then you should definitely check out All the Queen’s Men season 2 on BET+.

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