Thoughts of the Stars, Nguyen Si Kha & Bells of Gal: A Cosmic Symphony of Sound and Poetry 

In 2002, American avant-garde music and Vietnamese poetry came together to form an unusual partnership. The landmark work “Thoughts of the Stars” was produced by the innovative experimental music duet Bells of Gal and the well-known Vietnamese poet Nguyen Si Kha. This work revolutionised the possibilities of artistic expression and crossed cultural borders.

This sonic poem, which combines the reflective poetry of Nguyen Si Kha with the evocative soundscapes of Bells of Gal, is more than just a collection of words set to music. It is a profound investigation of the human condition. Kha explores themes of displacement, longing, and the pursuit of meaning in the immensity of the cosmos in his poems. John Balaban’s English translation of his thoughts carries a profound emotional depth and unvarnished honesty that cuts beyond cultural divides.

William Hooker and Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Bells of Gal provide a musical accompaniment to Kha’s lyrics. Their sound weaves an eerie and captivating tapestry of field recordings, processed discovered noises, and improvised musical textures. Ethereal chimes and mournful string-like washes blend with skittering drones, distorted voices, and metallic clangs to create a musical cosmos that echoes Kha’s pensive lyrics.

The Stars Speak

a hauntingly beautiful track that sets the mood for the journey ahead, opens the album. Bells of Gal provides a minimalist drone and distorted whispers that perfectly complement Kha’s poetry, which is a meditation on the fleeting aspect of existence and the immensity of the cosmos. The effect draws the listener into the poet’s reflective space in an uncomfortable yet oddly compelling way.

The title track

“Bells of Gal,” becomes more upbeat. Bells of Gal’s throbbing rhythms and industrial textures contrast with Kha’s rhythmic recitation, which is interspersed with yells and bursts of laughter. The track’s frantic movement and chaotic urban atmosphere stand in sharp contrast to the previous track’s contemplative quiet.

Kha and Bells of Gal converse nonstop throughout the album, with their voices and sounds fluctuating wildly between one other. In “The Wind at My Back,” a melancholic tune performed on what appears to be a traditional Vietnamese instrument expresses Kha’s longing for her native country. In response, Bells of Gal produce discordant chords and electronic pulses that evoke a feeling of dislocation and discord.

The pièce de résistance, “Thoughts of the Stars,” brings the record to a tearful finish. A lofty string arrangement and ethereal chimes accompany Kha’s impassioned recitation, which is a meditation on the interconnection of all things. The poem’s emotional ebbs and flows are reflected in the way the music rises and falls. There is a pure transcendental moment when music and poetry come together to form a single, cohesive expression.

Listening to “Thoughts of the Stars” is not simple. The listener must give this difficult and frequently uncomfortable work their undivided attention. But for those who are prepared to go deep, it is a meaningful and fulfilling experience. It is evidence of the ability of art to cut over boundaries, languages, and even genres, establishing a common ground where human feelings and experiences can find a profoundly global resonance.

In summary:

The groundbreaking combination “Thoughts of the Stars” stretches the limits of music and poetry. This work, which offers a singular window into the human condition via the prisms of Vietnamese poetry and American avant-garde music, is both intensely personal and universally relevant. “Thoughts of the Stars” is a must listen for anyone looking for a musical experience that is genuinely transcendent.

Meta Description (100 characters): A journey through stars & emotions: Explore Nguyen Si Kha’s poetry & Bells of Gal’s music in “Thoughts of the Stars” – a groundbreaking 2002 collaboration.


  • What is the theme of “Thoughts of the Stars”? The album explores themes of longing, displacement, the search for meaning, and the interconnectedness of all things.
  • What type of music is on the album? The music is experimental and avant-garde, featuring manipulated found sounds, field recordings, improvised instrumental textures, and drones.
  • Is the album in English or Vietnamese? The album features Nguyen Si Kha’s poems in Vietnamese, translated into English by John Balaban.
  • Where can I find “Thoughts of the Stars”? The album is available on CD and digital platforms.

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