Navigating the Buzz: What’s Trending on Twitter India


Twitter is a real-time reflection of what’s happening around the world, and in India, it’s no different. Let’s dive into the current trends that are capturing the nation’s attention.

Politics and Governance

Political discussions are a mainstay on Indian Twitter, with hashtags and topics ranging from government policies to election updates.

Entertainment and Celebrities

Bollywood and cricket are always hot topics, with fans tweeting about the latest films, celebrity gossip, and match highlights.

Social Movements and Campaigns

Twitter serves as a platform for social change, with campaigns and movements often gaining momentum through viral hashtags.

Business and Startups

India’s burgeoning startup scene and business developments are frequently discussed, highlighting new ventures and economic trends.

Technology and Innovation

Tech enthusiasts share and discuss the latest gadgets, apps, and technological advancements that are trending in the country.

Sports Frenzy

Cricket might dominate, but other sports like football, badminton, and hockey also find their place in the trending lists.

Memes and Viral Content

No trend list is complete without the lighter side of Twitter, where memes and viral videos spread like wildfire.

Health and Wellness

With a growing focus on health, topics related to fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being often trend, reflecting the nation’s consciousness towards a healthier lifestyle.


Twitter trendshashtags in India are as diverse as the country itself, encompassing a wide array of interests and conversations. They offer a snapshot of the collective thoughts and concerns of the nation.


Q: How do I find out what’s trending on Twitter in India? You can check the ‘Trends’ section on Twitter or use third-party websites that track Twitter trends in India.

Q: Can I influence what is trending on Twitter? A: Yes, by tweeting using trending hashtags or engaging with trending topics, you can contribute to the conversation and influence trends.

Q: Are Twitter trends the same across India? A: No, Twitter trends can be localized. What’s trending in one city may differ from what’s trending nationwide.

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